We are using

High-tech and artificial intelligence (AI) to produce ecological food.


Pete's Claws and Fins is a high-tech producer of ecological seafood. We use state-of-the-art, highly computerized equipment to monitor and manage our seafood to ensure it is of the highest possible quality. All equipment we use is developed by ourselves in-house. We are the only company operating such high-tech equipment. The company started its research and development 2016 by Peter Persson, a Swedish inventor who has designed and built automated and computer-controlled machines and robots for over 30 years. Peter has over the years developed an increasing personal interest for natural and unprocessed food, and though he could make difference with help of his high-tech knowhow.


All our seafoods are ecologically produced. Our endeavor is not using resources from the wildlife. We are only using farm-raised animals for our production. Our production is free from using harmful chemicals that can contaminate the environment or the food products we produce. Instead, we use natural minerals and bacteria to break down our waste products into harmless, biodegradable compounds.

We recycle all organic waste we produce, also, we obtain organic waste from other farms, restaurants, and food markets. The organic waste we collect allows a particular larva from the Hermetia illucens species, known commonly as black soldier fly larva (BSFL), to feeds on it and grow fatter. When the larva has developed to a pupa, it is cleaned, cooked and grided to a paste used as a high-quality protein and lipids perfectly suited as ecological animal feed, reducing the need for wild-sourced feed ingredients such as fishmeal which contributes to the global overfishing.